October 2014-Wins USCC Wave 4 Project and Sites in MO

September 2014-Awarded 100+ sites in NC/SC for L-1900 Civil Construction Turn-key Scope

August 2014-Awarded major market share in Georgia, Carolinas for LTE 2C/3C upgrades

June 2014-Awarded Multiple Site Tower and Ground Upgrades by T-Mobile in AR

April 2014-Wins Chicago Market LTE 2C Carrier Add with largest US carrier

March 2014-Awarded North and South Texas Market for Site Acquisition Services

February 2014- Awarded National Turf Vendor status for Site Acquisition services by the largest US Carrier

January 2014-Tower Tiger team troubleshooting project awarded for largest carrier in the US

December 2013-Major project wins in the Chicago market for the two largest carriers to complete UMTS, LTE, ETTCS upgrades

November 2013-Complete ZTE Core installation in AL

November 2013-successfully complete and deploy first all veteran tower training program

October 2013-TL-9000 Re-Certification approved

October 2013-Successfully complete 300+Installations and Integrations in the North Texas marketfor largest US carrier

April 2013-Completed DAS install University of Missouri .

November 2012-Major Site Acquisition win with third largest carrier for the Houston market

September 2012-One of the first companies chosen to complete T-Mobile modernization in Las Vegas and Southern California by Ericsson

August 2012-Several full-build turn-key sites for full modernization is awarded to Versacom in the Dallas area by a major carrier

June 2012-Completed AMEX Puerto Rico A&L upgrades

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