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Today almost all public service organization staff must have a deep understanding of their history, policies, procedures, a flexible, savvy and efficient solution to the present and the wherewithal to strategize today to what lays ahead a year to five years. To assist our local, state and federal government customers tackle effectively emerging issues; we have at your disposal subject matter experts in government business ranging from HR/Talent Management to Accountability and Performance.

Versacom in close partnership with you will provide your organization:

  • A Broader perspective and understanding of government clients’ cultures, priorities and constraints
  • More solutions and capabilities to address today’s issues
  • Deeper insight into issues and faster delivery through client briefings, thought leadership and client forums
  • Heightened responsiveness

Explore Our Perspectives on the Issues

HR & Talent Management

An aging workforce, shrinking talent pool, a new generation of talent and an increasing need for sophisticated skill sets spells stiff competition for talented workers from both the private and nonprofit sectors. Government Industry will need external support to counter-act the industry actions.


The burden of safeguarding sensitive data and networks falls on government agencies, organizations, users and administrators alike; and while security may be expensive, the cost of doing nothing is far greater. We provide consulting to ensure both cost and security effectiveness.

Performance & Accountability

Pressure to act quickly, extensive accountability mandates, the need to demonstrate results like never before: Such is the landscape most government agencies are facing under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.